D’Anu Wines

Thank you so much for supporting our small business during the recent Covid 19 Closure. We have made significant changes at the tasting room to follow all Phase 1 reopening requirements. We reopened on Monday, June 1st. We hope to see you at the tasting room soon. We will continue to move through the reopening phases, please be sure to take care of yourself, friends and neighbors.

Established in 2011, D’Anu Wines showcases the amazing diversity of Oregon grape growing. Winemaker Joe Williams honors the nuances of each vintage and every vineyard site that he proudly partners with.

D’Anu crafts outstanding Oregon Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, along with the ever-popular Pinot Gris. However, this label’s cult favorites are the unusual suspects: award-winning Sangiovese (from Seven Hills Vineyard in Milton-Freewater, OR) and Willamette Valley Tempranillo (from Freedom Hill Vineyard in Dallas, OR).
D’Anu defines Boutique Wine
D’Anu Wines are crafted with a sense of purpose and passion. Knowing the vineyards, exactly when to harvest the grapes, how each varietal should be crushed, along with the time in barrel and when to bottle, this is what turns producing wine into an art.

Our boutique wines are meticulously nurtured in the winery to develop layers of flavors and aromatics. D’Anu Wines are limited production, so that we may concentrate on the development of each signature wine.

Who is D’Anu?
Considered the most ancient of all Celtic Deities, D’Anu is the earth-mother goddess.  The mother of the gods, she birthed all things into being. She is the goddess of earth, fertility, wind and wisdom.The D’Anu Philosophy
As D’Anu the goddess protects the earth, it is our wine-making responsibility to be good stewards of our Mother Earth as well. We only work with sustainably farmed or LIVE certified vineyards. We want healthy soil and quality fruit for generations to come. As the fruit goes from the vineyard to bottle the same philosophy is followed; the smaller our impact, the longer we will have quality fruit and quality wines.